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Housebunnies - The Beginning

Ever since I moved out of myperants house I wanted to have some kidn of furry pet. Sadly a cat or a dogwasn't an option for several different reasons. On a cold Winter eveningof 2016 everything changed.

I was heading out to go for adrink with a friend when I saw a white heap of fur on the side of the road. Myfriend urged me to stop and go an look what it was. I was a little scared ofwhat I might find because it didn't seem to move at all. But when I got closerI saw that it was a big white bunny sitting there like a loaf of bread. I couldpet it and even pick it up. I have truly never felt a fur as softbefore. It seemed to be fine and also extremy clean, apart from beeingcold. I took my new fluffy friend into the car and I we discussed how weshould proceed. I was head over heels for this cute bun and I was all for it totake it home. In my mind I was already building a cosy temporaryhome for my new pet. But my friend beiing alot more reasonable than me,conviced me to go and ask at houses that were the nearest if anyone is missingtheir pet. And at the same evening we found it's real owner and Iheavy-heartenly had to give this sweet bunny away again.

I had never been particluaryinterested in bunnies neither did I ever pet one, but this experince changendmy mind. I started researching everything about bunnies and I fell into adeep deep instagram hole of a huge communtiy of house-bunny owners. I learnedthat bunnies can be potty trained, can go for walks with a leash and roam thehouse cage free. At this point I was convinced I needed a bunny in mylife!

So in January 2017 I went tothe local shelter and was surprised to find a huge varienty of differentbunnies, way more even than cats and dogs, all waiting to be adopted.

I then decided to tip out thebig black sofa in my studio and instead builld 2x1m cage.

Soon I was ale to adopt two insanly cute bunnies. Ragnar, a little brown Lionhead bunny, that resebles theeuropean Breed "bart-kanninchen" a lot and his mom Lagertha, who alsohas a little lionhead in her. If you know the tv-series Vikings, yes theyare in fact named after the two main characters.

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